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Here lies an evolving portfolio of artwork designed by Laurel Marie Hagner.  The techniques area of this site will give insight into the varied methods of craft and process employed by the artist to produce each piece of art to its best result.  Laurel is passionate about her own nature inspired artwork as well as producing custom work for a broad range of clients.  From those that wish to communicate their business values and mission to those who desire to create a sacred space within their homes to the hospitality client that is working to create an experience for their patrons achieving these goals is the commitment of the Studio.  Sculptural work constantly poses aesthetic, technical, and creative challenges and questions that when answered yield a presence and experiential work of art.  Here you will find the artwork divided into several sections.

Sculpture is a mix of work both commissioned by clients both public and private, as well as designed and fabricated independently by the artist.  You will see a variety of methods and aesthetics utilized.

Architectural covers artwork that predominantly addresses interior design or architectural applications,  Including wall dividers, lighting, countertops, and so forth, designed for and to be utilized within a particular space.

The Gallery pertains to Laurel’s signature hot sculpted glass works, her blown glass one of a kind vessels, as well as her production line of wares.

Glass and Steel Sculptures have also been a client favorite for some years and can be found along with her cast glass work.

Much to explore, please enjoy.  The above images are simply a sampling of the different  creative areas through which Laurel chooses to express herself.

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