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Newsletter 4, Full Moon, Art of the Journey, July 2, 2015



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The Whispering Heart

Once the mind becomes quiet.  She speaks.

A year ago, I sought to stop the chaos of my mind.  Too many thoughts…..rolling in and out…..making demands.  I needed quiet and stillness to figure out what to do with my life.  I desperately needed to get below the din and allow my heart a chance to finally speak its truth.  I took to the woods, water, meditation, dance, prayer, and affirmation.  Slowly stilling the racing pulse of my mind.

Everything slowed, loosened its grip, and eventually the heart’s whisper started to reveal itself.  She was afraid, yet had so much love she wanted to share, it was almost uncontainable.  I listened.  Quietly we walked, wandered, sang, sat, and simply soaked up each moment as if it were our last.  She grew strong and her song became louder.  I learned to trust again.

Now, I sit with her and she holds me close.  Like a cord of light she runs through me and keeps on going deep into the universe.  She is here to stay.  This cord runs through us all.  We lose sight of her in the midst of the ideas we have about life.  You never know what magic may show up when you make space for your heart to have a voice.


Introducing Salmona 

The Goddess of the White Salmon River.  She encompasses the power and teaming life that thrives within all waters.  She echoes what is possible for us when we step into the deeper parts of ourselves. become grounded, and allow the evocation of our true voice to come forward.  Water is the element of the emotions, intuition, the realm where if we are lucky and open, we can dance, dream, laugh, love, explore, and be tender.  Many beautiful things thrive in these waters.

This is the completed clay measuring 4ft tall by 18in wide by 3in deep.  We have just completed the rubber mold and she is on her way to becoming a glass altar for the White Mountain Druid Sanctuary in Trout Lake, WA.  She will be available in a number of sizes and mediums.  Please share if she moves you.








The Secrets of the Blushing Lily   Blushing Lilies sm

This flower came to me on my walks. Standing 6ft tall, with a crown of sweet smelling heaven in lily form.  She became a teacher.  Balancing so tenderly above her wavering staff like stalk.  She shone bright and full above so many others.  I inquired about her nature, only to find out that when the lily is pollinated it “blushes” and turns pink. This brought me great joy and I couldn’t help but contemplate the change and beauty that occurs in natures’ constantly unfolding dance between the masculine and the feminine.All things are born from this dance.  Whether tug or pull, lead or follow, yin or yang, light or dark, earth or sky.  Balancing of these energies is where the most profound flow, serendipity, perfection, beauty, and power seem to come from.On my spirit quest to the southwest this spring, I returned from the desert with a desire to understand and embrace that which is masculine. I came to the understanding that the balancing of the feminine and masculine within myself would yield the peace, passion, and connectedness I had been seeking.  Through being aware and receptive to both, I have found strength, tenderness and beauty, I had not otherwise known.  Like the blushing lily, these moments are no doubt the nectar of life.I encourage you to observe how the masculine and feminine dance through your life.
Victoria Falls sm

Rainbow Challenge 

I have found myself in a place of holding space for others in their moments of need.  I have been honored to do this.  I challenge you in the coming weeks to be available to those around you in a way that is not always the norm.  I challenge you to simply listen.  Really hear them and let them know they are being heard.  Don’t try to fix anything.  Simply be with them.Now, while you are doing this, I also challenge you to imagine a brilliant rainbow of light emanating from your heart.  Let it encapsulate both of you.  If there is any darkness to what they are processing, visualize the darkness being struck by the light you are projecting and also turning into the rainbow light.  Consider visualizing a rainbow at least once a day and let me know how it feels.How this rainbow over Victoria Falls is formed is not so different from our ability to change our perspective or project love and healing into the world.  Its all light passing through the lens.  Transform what you see, feel, and think into light and love and we’ll all be more at peace for it.  Share and Like What Moves You!


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