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Newsletter 3, New Moon, Art of the Journey, June 16, 2015


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Subconscious Speaks

The Secrets of Light found in the Dark

When we set out to express ourselves, our imagination has its own language.  It comes from a deeper place within. This is the same place we gain access to both the light and dark parts of ourselves.  It is my belief and practice, that through the art, the expression, the visualization, and the spiritual journey, we are able to heal ourselves and others in deep ways that sometimes seem inaccessible or untranslatable.

My seeking heart, mind, and spark has sought to find the light through art, nature, connection and my insatiable hunger for re-connection with the source.  It has been only through acceptance and integration of my darker parts, that I have begun to change my way of seeing the world.  The light is always present!

In this newsletter, I will share with you my story of manifesting magic, the low down on attending my first Kapala Training (ground breaking emotional/spiritual healing techniques rooted in Tibetan Buddhist practice), and a beautiful Heart Meditation you can do at home.  Thank you for your interest and please share as you like. 


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Feeding Your Demons-Kapala I

“Feeding Your Demons” techniques for emotional and psychological healing were developed by Lama Tsultrim Allione, founder of Tara Mandala, over the last 20 years. The techniques are rooted in a spiritual practice developed by an eleventh-century female Buddhist teacher name Machig Labdron.  

In the Kapala Training we learned intense meditation/mind training developed to connect the individual with the “Nature of Mind”. And we practiced the  Feeding the Demons process. Here we worked with partners in guided visualizations, where we gave form to some of our more difficult emotions. Through the process, we were able to uncover what these parts of ourselves needed to feel integrated. Frequently, the journey resulted in the dark part or demon part of ourselves, transforming into an ally form, resulting in healing. The visualization process was aided by drawing and sculpting.  I will be working toward becoming a facilitator of this practice. This process connects the spiritual practice of finding refuge in the buddhist concepts of the nature of mind, acceptance, and compassion while applying ancient methods of slicing through the veils of the ego, so that we may find our light.  To learn more about Kapala training go here.  To learn about the “Feeding Your Demons” process go here.

Manifesting Magicfeathers

Recently, I decided I wanted to find a crow feather.  I went about my day.  Then at some point a little voice said “Its time to find your feather”.  So I started walking, looking, and listening.  First I came across a heart shaped ring of stones.  That seemed like a pretty good sign. Then I heard the crows.  So I followed them.  I listened to the voice that seemed to be guiding me and sure enough I found a beautiful crow feather.  But then this voice kept pushing me to walk farther.  So I did.  That was the day I found 11 crow feathers when I only set out to find one.  I finished my adventure off by asking a woman if she believed in magic.  When she said “Yes!”  I presented her with a feather only to find out it was her birthday.  If you look up what crow medicine is,  it will tell you “The crow is a reminder that Magic is always present”. Manifest your own Magic, and let me know how it presents itself!  Blessings on your journey!

heartstones smHeart Meditation

Draw something that looks like the heart shaped ring of stones pictured above.  Then put “Me” or “My Heart” or what ever pleases you as long as it refers to “you” in the center.  Then, in each stone surrounding you, name something or someone you love.  Decorate each stone in the ring with colorful patterns of your liking.  Really dress it up and have fun with it, like each piece is a jewel.  Think about the person, place, or thing as you are being creative.  Once you are done, put this in a place where you can sit back and take it in.Now, spend at least 30 seconds looking at each rock and focus on who or what this is and what they mean to you.  Take in their essence and energy into your heart.  And if its a person, feel the love you have for them and send it back out to them.  After you’ve gone around the ring, focus on the center stone which is yourself.  Now take all the love you generated for those other people and things and magnify it times 1000 and give it back to yourself.  Imagine the biggest, brightest star of love and light that you can, and let it come right in through your chest into your heart.  Hug yourself with this love and sit with it.  If this makes you cry, let it.  And hold yourself.  If it makes you laugh.  Laugh loudly.  Love yourself like you are your very best friend.       
-Laurel Marie Hagner

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