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Newsletter 2, New Moon, Art as the Journey Volume 2, May 18, 2015


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Spring is in Full Swing!

And Inspiration is Abundant

Happy New Moon!  Spring has brought new endeavors blossoming left and right. In this update,  I’ll share my progress on an exciting new commission, my experience from a recent workshop in Mindful Therapy Techniques, and a little art exercise and nature inspiration for your own life and practice. Plus if you’re looking to spruce up your space with some colorful glass for the spring season, take advantage of my Spring Coupon code SPRING2015 for 15% off in my online gallery thru June 21st.

Sacred Art Commission

I have been commissioned by the White Mountain Druidic Sanctuary located in Trout Lake, WA, to create a cast glass relief panel of “Salmona”, the Goddess of the White Salmon River.    The panel depicts the thriving eco system that the river feeds.  See how many creatures you can find?  She is the nurturing and powerful force that enables this natural wildlife habitat.   This relief carved piece will be cast in glass at 4ft tall by 18” wide by 3.5” thick.  An altar will be built to hold her that will not only illuminate her with lighting, but also include a fountain “Spring” for people to make offerings. To learn more about this amazing sanctuary visit http://druidkirk.org/circle/TLA-circle.html




The Blossoming Path

Blossoming Path1I have chosen a new and unchartered path to explore.  I’m choosing to dance, connect, cry, dive, and fly when I can.  So in the spirit of not knowing where this path will lead, I am committed to: doing not just trying, accepting invitations to try new things, expressing gratitude as often as I remember, and being present as best I can with each moment as it rolls.  So, in an effort to follow my deep curiosity for how art can heal, I attended an Introductory training in Mindful Experiential Therapy Approaches at the M.E.T.A institute in Portland, OR. I can not put into words the value or the intensity of the experience.  The class explored mindfulness, opening up a whole new way of being present and available to others and myself.  The techniques were supported by intriguing brain science and are based in the intention of helping others to work toward changing re-occurring patterns in our lives through mindfulness and establishing new neuro-pathways. If you are curious learn more Here  I will also be attending a retreat which explores the use of Tibetan Tantra for healing through art.  I can’t wait to share more with all of you. 

Check out the “Water Art Meditation” Exercise I have below.


Compassionate Creativity Challenge:  Water

You’ll need a pad of paper, preferably unlined, colored pencils, markers, crayons (you name it), and a comfortable place to sit.  Sit quietly, close your eyes, and breathe deeply, relaxing all parts of your body until you are in a quiet and mindful place.  Now imagine water quietly lapping in the distance, the tide rolling gently on the sands, the babbling brook, the waterfall falling, the trickle of even the faucet.  Now imagine that water flowing through you, washing away all and any pain, discomfort, stress, sorrow, anything that isn’t serving you. Imagine it flowing through you like a river from your head all the way to your toes.  Simply rest in this place, still taking deep breaths.  
When you are ready, thank water for what she gives you and open your eyes.  Before you sits your pad of paper and pencils. Remaining mindful and gentle with yourself, write down as many words you can think of that describe water (i.e. flowing, clear, rushing, strong, powerful, gentle, nurturing,river).  Allow these words to flow from you freely.  Use what ever color of pencils you are drawn to while you are writing.  Let the words fall however they may on the page.  After you have written all these words, go back through each one and draw what each word feels like…in pattern, color, design, or shape.  Let your marks overlap the words and each other on the page.  Let your hand, arm, body, and marks flow like the water.  Be mindful of how water is as you express how water makes you feel and what she has to teach you.  Feel her in you as you express how she is on the page.  Once you have completed your artwork, turn the paper over and write a short paragraph or poem about what aspects of water you may wish to bring into your own way of being.  If it helps you, consider putting this artwork somewhere you can see it daily as a reminder to be gentle, yet strong, clear, yet exuberant, nurturing yet playful.  May we take care of water as she takes care of us.  Share this exercise with those you think might enjoy it.  And Happy Art Making.
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