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New Moon Newsletter, November 11, 2015



Cast Glass Tara Scuplture






The Face of Infinite Compassion

After a year and a half of sculpting, making molds, loading glass, and firing, my glass Green Tara is now Alive. Inspired and revealed through my personal journey to the center of myself in search of fertile ground.  I set out to sculpt an altar to Spring. She has come to represent my offering in many deep ways.  From the harnessing of both the masculine and feminine within ourselves, to the purifying nature of allowing the emotional and subconscious realm to have a voice and a life.  This work tells many stories that are not mine alone, but are expressions of the way of the universe.  From Forrest to family, in magic and in matter.  We are all on the path, just choosing to dance to our own rhythms and rhymes.
Event:  “Fruit of the Dark Tree”  Artist Lecture and Showing
November 21st, 11-2pm at Glassometry Studios

During this time I will share how my latest sculptures were made, the spiritual journey and teachings found in their creation.  Feel free to bring drinks and snacks.  All ages are welcome.

Tara Revealed

Illustrating the deep, familiar, yet sometimes forgotten story of life, Tara illustrates the gentle nurturing time of new growth, infinite compassion in her active form, and the harnessing of the masculine and feminine necessary to bring new life into the world.  Creating this and other sacred works, have been my teachers on the path to personal and professional change.  I’m eager to share the concepts, the magic, the processes, and the myths these works contain.

I am most passionate about our connection with nature, each other, the universe, the mystery of the conscious and subconscious world and how art and ceremony play a role in healing our culture.  I’ve decided to make this work and the many aspects of study and training necessary to healing, teaching, and counciling, my full time priority.  While I have always taught art as a vehicle for self-discovery and transformation, I’m thrilled to bring this deeper work to those interested in exploring, uncovering, and healing themselves and the community.

This full color pate de verre/cast glass panel stands 4ft tall and is over 3 1/2″ thick.  An intricate wood altar will be made to hold her.  A prayer, story and mantra will be included on the opposite side of this glass panel, for reflection.  I plan to produce this and other sacred works on a smaller scale with the hope they may be of service to my community.

"The Angel" Mixed Media Glass and Metal Sculpture

“Gerry’s Angel” 

Father, teacher, artist, friend….

there really aren’t enough words to describe a parent who loved you unconditionally.

I created this Angel for my Dad.

I remember him sharing his secret to life.

”Find what you love to do…..then figure

out a way to make a living doing it”

I’ve learned more lessons than I can count,

following his advice. And return to it daily

with renewed faith, trust in a greater power, and gratitude for the groundwork of passion and dedication Gerry laid for me. Funny how we really aren’t meant to follow in the footsteps of our parents, but to strike out on a new path that will serve to carry their gifts and teachings to a new level through living.

May Gerry’s Angel serve to inspire, comfort, and move you on you own path.

Life is short!

Live it with passion, compassion, gratitude, love, and spiritual abandon!
Upon installing her in Hood River, near the hospital, my mom and I made offerings and wrote prayers in chalk around her base.  I invite all to share their prayers with her.
Thank you for everything Mom and Dad!

"The Angel" Mixed Media Glass and Metal Sculpture

About Laurel

Laurel has been sculpting and teaching for 17 years. Engaged in both Tibetan Buddhist practice and Shamanic training, she brings a deeply compassionate yet accessible approach to self healing and change through art and mindfulness. Laurel is most passionate about our connection with nature, each other, the universe, the mystery of the conscious and subconscious world and how art and ceremony play a role in healing our culture.  Look for her upcoming lectures, gatherings, and workshops.

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