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New Art Exhibition at Dog River Coffee for the Month of Dec 2011

Laurel has recently unveiled new blown glass sculpture and black and white photography in an exhibition at the Dog River Coffee Shop in Hood River.  Come Check it out.  There are beautiful Super Icicles adorning the front window for winter.  Beautiful glass and steel sculptures swimming across the walls.  And dug from the archives are some of Laurel’s imaginistic black and white photography from the late 90’s.

Now this is something to check out.   Laurel grew up doing photography, with her father being a film maker and photographer, at an early age she started taking and developing her own pictures in their home darkroom.  This media was briefly embraced as a major in college where she did a fair amount of in dark room experimentation with multiple and reverse exposures along with using pieces of hot formed glass to create texture.  What this body of work really gives us is a peak into Laurel’s vision and beliefs as an artist.  Presently well known for her blown glass, architectural art, and commissioned sculpture, Laurel struggles to have time for what is truly most important to her.  This is her personal work revolving around the feminine, nature, and our relationships with the world.  These simple yet emotionally and visually charged images express her core fundamentals.  She is thrilled to share this with the community.  She looks forward to your feedback.

She’ll be sure to post some of the images for those of you interested but not in the area.

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