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Living a life of Alchemy

Hello, this is Laurel Marie.  Welcome to Laughing Tara Living Arts.  Please note that in 2018 we will be building a new website, but for the mean time, my newsletters are the best way to keep track of what I’m offering, so sign up here if you’d like.  Enjoy the Adventure!



This year, I decided to change things up and seek new ways of being.  The intention was not to plan but to ALLOW! This led me to numerous spiritual trainings, retreats and ultimately to Bhutan, Nepal and Thailand for 7 weeks this fall.  Here I’ll talk a little bit about these experiences and share some pictures from the adventures.

 The year began with accepting an invitation to travel to Tucson, AZ for both the International Gem Show and to attend a training with an 88th Generation Daoist Priest named Jeffry Yuen in the area of Ancient Chinese Stone Medicine for Spiritual Alchemy.   All I can say is that magic does exist and sometimes it shows up in the form of master teachers and I’m lucky enough to have several of them. I would attend another of Jeffry’s courses in Plant Medicine for Spiritual Alchemy, in Asheville NC.

 Some of you may ask….”What is Spiritual Alchemy?”  Well, it is the process of transforming oneself or another on a spiritual, energetic and cellular level, much like meditation changes brain wave lengths and eventually your overall state of calm, well-being, or ability to handle difficult situations.  Alchemy involves many processes but ultimately shifts ones’ energetic make up.  And as most of you know, I’ve been on my own journey of transformation, so this and all the work I have completed this year holds the same intention.

 The next piece of my adventure and trainings this year involved a 9-month mentorship with an amazing Intuitive healer named Shayne Case.   We would meet monthly, and bi-weekly with a group of 17, learning about energetic boundaries, the science of subtle energy, the medicinal uses of stone and plant essences, and how to channel spirit guides for others.  This is most fun!

 So the year rolled on and I attended several powerful retreats on the Mandala of the Sacred Feminine at Tara Mandala, my Sangha (Spiritual Community Home) in Colorado where I study with Lama Tsultrim Allione.  Here, in July, I tested and completed my certification in her specialized therapy technique of “Feeding Your Demons” after 2 years of intensive training and meditation.  The practice itself is rooted in the ancient Vajrayana meditative practice called “Chod”, created by our 9th century female Tibetan teacher named Machig Labdron.  The approach, then blends Gestalt and guided visualization meditation.  It is a powerful transformer of emotional trauma and illness.  In fall, I began offering one-on-one coaching sessions utilizing this and other techniques I have developed coupled with Art.

  I would then travel to Bhutan with Lama Tsultrim and over 50 people from 7 different countries on Pilgrimage.  We would visit numerous sacred sights, receive countless empowerments, and stay with our Sister Sangha in a remote monastic community in the NE part of the country.  I would then travel to Nepal for an additional month visiting friends, sacred sights and  spending 11 days trekking in the Himalayas, reaching Annapurna Base Camp at 14000ft.  Certainly another pilgrimage for sure.  The last stop was Thailand where we made efforts to connect with more remote villages and people who provided no shortage of touching company and kindness.  

Here you’ll see a few pictures from the trip.  

Climbing to Tiger’s Nest also known as Katsang in Bhutan.  Where Padmasambava was believed to meditate in this cave for several years.

The Statue of Machig Labdron located in Druk Zhangri Kamar, in NE Bhutan.   Here Women gather around the post ceremonial offering fire receiving blessings from the smoke.  And a temple wall ornately illustrates the immaculate 21 Tara’s as never seen before.

Trekking in the Annapurna Valley at 13,000ft.  These mountains stand at 25,000ft. 


This is Barcoda the elephant and his trainer.  They’ve been together for many years.

This is just a small glimpse of the amazing journey I was so fortunate to take.  I’ll be sharing more images and stories as the New Year unfolds.  I’ll also be coming out with  new offerings, so keep your ears and eyes peeled for what 2018 has in store.  

Many Blessings

Laurel Sherab Marie

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