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Joy is Your Birthright!

Welcome to Laughing Tara Living Arts, the healing home of Laurel Marie Sofia-Ravens.  If you are interested in workshops you can view the upcoming offerings on our workshops page or click HERE  to learn more and register.  Now for a little share.

JOY is your birthright.  Just like passion, love, and creativity.  These very emotions are signs of being in synch with our purpose and divine guidance.  For years I was willing to climb every mountain and overcome every obstacle in the name of success.  I followed this model straight into illness, depression, anxiety, and disfunctional relationships.

As I stepped back from pushing
and leaned into allowing….my world opened up. Both my inner and outer life has changed dramatically.  Now filled with clarity, joy, peace, and overall contentment.  My life is guided by love, passion, and a deeper sense of joy found in each moment.  I feel it in my bones and it feels like bliss.

I share this because this is at the crux of what I do.  And, it is what I am most passionate about.  For years I struggled with both emotional and physical pain.  I knew in my heart there was a way to transform this discomfort into peace, joy, and gratitude? And now I have. The rewards are immeasurable!

Check out these workshops below (both in person and online) and start changing things now.  And, if you are feeling ready to step into some powerful change,  you won’t want to miss my 6 month transformational program starting this Fall.   I look forward to seeing you soon.
Sending you love on your journey!


Love Your Life
Reclaiming Passion, Purpose, and Peace

Free WorkshopDates and Locations
Friday Sept 7th, 6:30-8:30pm Yoga Samadhi-White Salmon, WA.
Thursday Sept 20, 6:30-8:30pm Good Medicine Healing Arts – Hood River, OR
Monday Sept 17, 12:00-1pm Online
Friday Oct 5, 6:30-8:30pm Yoga Samadhi – White Salmon, WA.
Thursday Oct 18, 6:30-8:30pm Good Medicine Healing Arts – Hood River, OR
Friday October 19, 12:00-1pm

OnlineWorkshop Description
This workshop is for people who are tired of feeling stressed out or overwhelmed are ready to start re-writing their story. Students will discover the power of mindfulness, visualization, and creativity in this 2 hour workshop; designed specifically to start creating both brain based and heart based change immediately. You’ll learn how to leave your stress at the door, connect with your deepest inner knowing, and ultimately start living a life defined by your most important needs and desires.

This is a Free Workshop
Register HERE

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