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Woven Light Glass Series

Laurel’s signature work in hot glass can be defined by the term “Woven” Glass.  She is continuously exploring her relationship with glass, gravity, and natural forms….in this beautiful spell binding series.    These are created similar to the method of building a coil pot out of clay, except gathers of colorful hot glass are brought to Laurel, so she can position and shape them one by one.  As the piece expands it takes shape.  These pieces are constantly growing in complexity and delicacy.  Now entering collections around the country.  See a large commission in the sculpture section, where Laurel creates a 5ft by 5ft wall piece using this technique, combining 25 individually sculpted pieces of glass.  Please check back as more images are included of this ever growing series.

Several other works seen here include a variety of glass sculptures including wings, nests in the grass, etc.

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