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Classes and Workshops


                                                                                                  Glassblowing and Metal Workshops 2014 

3015 Lower Mill Dr. Hood River, OR 97031

Call 541-354-3015 or email curious@glassometry.com to register!

Glassblowing Classes:

Making the Glass Garden- Getting into the more sculptural side of things, students will learn the steps in order to create pears, apples, pumpkins, or flowers. Students can expect to learn the basics of gathering, applying color, and tooling the glass as well as more detail oriented aspects such as leaf crimping and stem curling.

Saturday, March 1st 11am- 1 pm
Price: $125
Instructed by Kevin Platt
4-person limit, Ages 13 and over

Heart of Glass- Find a new love. Glass! Students (couples encouraged) will learn the basics of glassblowing such as gathering, applying color, and tooling, all while turning molten raw glass into heart-shaped works of art. This workshop is sure to get thing heated up with you and your valentine!

Saturday February 15th 10am – noon or 3-5 pm. Also offered on Saturday Feb 22nd noon-2pm
Price: $125
Instructed by Kevin Platt
4-person limit, Ages 17 and up

Cups!!!!  Cups encompass all facets of glassblowing in one simple shape. They’re fun, fast, and can be a challenge. This workshop is a great way for students to attain the basic steps in glassblowing while creating a functional item.

Thursday March 6 6-8 pm, or Saturday March 15th 11am-1pm, or Saturday April 5th 11am-1pm
Price: $135
Instructed by Tyler Kimball
4-person limit, Ages 16 and up

Creature Feature- Kids Glass Class- Kids with active imaginations and a drive to draw… this workshop is for you! Designed to teach kids the science behind molten glass and all the fun things that can be done with it, this workshop will both educate and inspire. After drawing a creature on paper, students will get to help make that monster come to life in the glassblowing studio.

Saturday, March 8th, 10am – noon or Saturday March 29th 10am-noon
Price: $125
Instructed by Kevin Platt
4-person limit, Ages 6 – 13

Discovering Glassblowing- A beginning glassblowing class-Through this six-week course, students will produce a variety of glass objects as they experience the process of glassblowing. Learning the sequence to produce all the basic shapes, students can expect to make cups, vases, and bowls. With these fundamentals, imagination can take the reins and all the possibilities in glass can be pursued. By the end of this course one should expect to feel comfortable with many of the hand skills required and the teamwork involved in making glass art.

Saturdays March 1st – April 5th 3-6 pm or Thursdays March 13th – April 17th 6-9 pm
Instructed by Kevin Platt
6-person limit, Age 17 and up

One-Up Glassblowing – An intermediate glassblowing Class:  This course will transform beginning skills into ability and understanding.  Students will learn to be more sensitive to the glass, allowing for a greater degree of control and creative ability.  Honing shape and form, working hotter and faster, and new color techniques will be addressed through the six-week class. Demonstrations, homework assignments, and in-class challenges will also serve to strengthen the student. Taking off the training wheels and turning weaknesses into strengths, students will leave this class with a new confidence within the material. Beginning course or equivalence required.

Scheduled upon request
Price: $550

6-person limit, Ages 17 and up

Fun with Fusing for Friends and Family- Design and play with a variety of glass forms to create your own one-of-a-kind glass designs. Make coasters, ornaments and art learning the basics of fusing.

Saturday March 29th 1-4 pm
Price: $150/person

discount for a group of 3 or more, all ages welcome, under 14 accompanied by adult

Beginning Glassblowing Workshop for 2-4 people

Workshop A – Our 4 hour workshop is fast paced fun where each student learns an array of basic technique such as turning, gathering, blowing, and using tools, then quickly moves into making their own objects. Each student will make a variety of objects from paper weights, ornaments, floats, pumpkins, and time allowing cups. This is a great way to get gifts made for the holidays, spend fun time with family or friends, and or just simply be creative and try something new.  Scheduled by appointment  Price: $250 per person for 2 people.  Get a group of 4 and pay $220 each.

Workshop B- Includes the instruction and object making of Workshop A, but takes it to the next level.  On the 2nd day, also a 4 hours class, students will work on making blown forms such as cups, jars, and small bowls (time allowing).  This is also an intensive but gives students a little more time to get a feel for the tools and glass. Scheduled by appointment.

Price: $480 per person (minimum of 2 people) Or $450 per person w/group of 4 or more


Beginning Glass Fusing and Slumping (6 Weeks) This hands-on class brings the art of fusing and glass quickly into your life.  While addressing important technical fundamentals of the process, Laurel Marie Hagner guides students through experimentation and implementation, and into artistic creation.  Each class students are seeing and doing a number of processes from cutting, designing, testing, and applying glass to be tac-fused, full fused, textured, and slumped into a variety of shapes and forms.  Each student will make a number of test tiles to define their own personal aesthetic language while learning how the material responds.  Then works of art and function will be made by building on what has been learned.  Demonstrations continue throughout the class to keep students thinking and on their toes.  Each Student should expect to make 10-16 tiles, several dishes, a bowl, and their personally determined final project.  Open Studio Time will be provided and if students wish to complete all the assignments, will most likely be necessary.  Most Materials are covered by the Class Fee.  Students will be responsible for materials outside the basic assignments and may purchase glass at 25% off retail from the studio for their final projects.

6 weeks $500 includes instruction and most materials. Class will be scheduled based on participant interest. Please let us know if you are interested.

Blow Your Own Art Glass- Great Party Activity for Ages 5 and up- Step into our Hot Shop to share in the exciting process of designing and blowing your own ornaments, floats, stemless wine glasses, pears, apples, pumpkins and more.  You’ll get to pick from an array of colors, then be up close and center while we prepare the glass for you to blow.
This is a fun time for couples, family, and friends. Call to reserve a time for your group to come in or to explore extended party options.
Design and Blow Your Own Glass Pricing is based on the item chosen, between $20- $85.


Don’t forget, you can also come in, or get ideas on the website about designing your own fine art glass. Celebrate anniversaries and other occasions by choosing the item, shape, and colors you wish to have made for you while you observe the process. And as always, we will engrave any sentiment you wish to preserve the memory!


Metal Working Classes

Blacksmithing 1: Get it hot! Introduction to Blacksmithing (Saturday Workshop) 

Students will learn the fundamental basics of forging hot metal. By hand and hammer and using a gas forge, students will learn how to forge a variety of elements on the end of a bar. Using a cross-peen hammer, students will be led through forging a taper, drawing out, upsetting, bending, twisting, fullering and scrollwork. Safety and hammer control will be covered as well. We will put it all together and students will leave with the confidence to make an S-hook, a leaf, a small poker and a scroll using a combination of techniques. Come and enjoy!

Sunday March 2 11am – 5pm or Thursday Evenings 6-9 either March 13th and 20th or April 3rd and 10th

Price: $160

Instructed by David Wilson

Ages 17 and over


Blacksmithing 2- Using the skills from Blacksmithing 1, we will expand and also add hot splitting, riveting, collaring, punching and drifting. We will also cover tong, tool making, hardening and tempering. Forge welding theory will be discussed as well. Bring your ideas and questions!

Thursday evenings 6 – 9pm both April 17th and April 24th

Price: $160

Instructed by David Wilson

Ages 17 and over

Email curious@glassometry.com or call 541-354-3015 with your questions.  Please be aware of our policy:  In order to reserve your space in one of our classes, we require 50% down.  If you fail to show or cancel within reasonable time (3 days for 6 week classes, 24hrs for 4 hour workshops) your deposit is non-refundable.  All Items made in the workshops will not be available until the following afternoon for pick up, or the items will need to be shipped.  Shipping is additional to the workshop/class fee. Bring to glass classes- A sketchbook, cotton clothing, eye protection (glasses, sunglasses), hair-tie if needed, and closed-toe shoes. For metal classes bring the above with the addition of leather work gloves and non-synthetic, long sleeved shirt for protection. These items may be available to borrow or purchase at the studio.



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