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Announcing New Healing Art Classes!
The Art of Self Love : A Journey to the Heart
Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday through November
Unleash your Inner Artist.  Heal your Heart.  Inspire your Spirit.
First Class Starts Wednesday, September 7th, 6-9 pm

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Creativity as Self Care!

This September we embark on a Healing Art Journey into the Heart!  Using meditation, journeying and creativity, in community…the art we make will teach us, feed us, and show us the way of our hearts as we peel back the layers.  Through each class, we will explore a slightly different theme inspired by the depths of the Heart.  Using a variety of different art projects, materials and methods, coupled with guided meditations and journeys, students will uncover a deeper part of themselves and connect with the sacred, through creativity! Making art is the ritual, the meditation, the prayer.  Art is the revealer.  Works of art can be our greatest teachers.  Students will work with paint, pencil, marker, pastels, clay and more.  Revealing their own inner artist language and dialog.

Class Details

When: Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday (thru November) we will gather from 6-9pm.  Starting Wednesday, Sept 7th.

To Register: Call Laurel at 541-354-3015 or email to hold your spot (space is limited)

Where:  Glassometry Studios – 3015 Lower Mill Dr. Hood River, OR

Cost:  $60 per class or buy 5 get the 6th free ($299 for all 6 classes)

Includes: All instruction, materials (paper, canvas, markers, pastels, pencils, clay and paint for main projects)

About Me, Your Teacher

When I was 20, Art saved my life.  While completing my sculpture degree, I healed many parts of myself by making large mixed media Goddesses.  18 years later, I’ve made more art than I can count and developed and taught over 20 different art classes, in both colleges and craft schools around the country.  I love teaching because art is the doorway into “You”….the Universal “You”.  Creativity is the portal to connecting with the the sacred, where the images, shapes, textures, colors, materials become a language… answering questions you may not have even known you were asking.  Art is a language we have shared since the beginning of “Time”.  Creating art is our original communion, meditation, conversation with the divine.  So….while I have spent the majority of my life working with a variety of materials, mastering many techniques, I have also spent this time opening the door, stepping through, and walking the way of the dream.  To be the hollow bone…this is a gift.

Feel free to check me out online at my website www.GLASSOMETRY.com or email me with Questions.
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