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Upcoming Classes, Workshops, Retreats, and Events

Classes and Offerings

I will be on Pilgrimage and travel through the end of the year and look forward to re-connecting with all of you in 2018. Feel free to look over past classes and to sign up for email news so you don’t miss out on future offerings or things I share along the journey. Blessings.

Past Classes

 Full Moon Goddess Gathering

Each Full Moon we will gather to learn, connect, journey, and pay homage to the ancient ways of the Goddess.  Teachings, stories, and images will be shared about different Goddesses, connecting us to their insight and gifts through ceremony and journeying.  Each participant will have an opportunity to journal, create art or move, bringing their experience of the Goddess into their living, waking dream.  Feel free to also bring a drum, offering, journal, yoga mat or blanket to be comfortable.  This offering is by Laurel Marie.

WhenWednesday, April 12th, 6:30-9 PM RSVP Please
Cost$25-$45 sliding scale

Full Moon Drum Circle

Join us for the Full Moon, to drum, take in the sound, dance to your hearts content, and be with friends.  Every 2nd Friday of the month through June, we will gather.  Bring your drums, rattles, singing bowls, voices, open hearts, and moving bodies as we return to our natural born practice of connecting with the sacred heart beat.  Kids welcome (art supplies on hand, no other supervision). This offering is by Laurel Marie.
WhenFriday, April 14, 7-9:30 PM
Cost$10 and up to support the space. Kids 12 and under are free.

Clay Play! Beginning Ceramic Sculpture

What better way to get your hands dirty this spring than by learning how to sculpt our very own mama earth.  This class will focus on a variety of hand building techniques including slab and coil building, detailed sculpting, and more. Students will create a variety of pieces and one larger project over the course of the 6 week class.  Works will all be fired and glazed and class will commence with a fun potluck sharing circle of your creative experience. Taught by Laurel Marie.

WhenWednesday Nights 6-9pm April 19, 26, May 3, 10 with follow up classes for glazing and potluck on May 24 and 31.   All levels welcome.
Cost: $225 for instruction / $50 for supplies   (space is limited)

Moon Cycles for Women – Basic Feminine Life Design

In this 5 week workshop, we will explore the 4 distinct phases of the moon, as it waxes and wanes through cycles from new to full and back again.  Discover the flow of a feminine based life design that mires and influences your body’s own peak times for rest, strategizing, communication, creative espresso and release.  Discover tools and ideas for listening to and harnessing the power of your own menstrual and fertility cycle.  Class includes moon mapping/menstrula cycle charting, circle sharing, journaling, art project ideas for homely.  All ages welcome, as the moon will be our celestial guide. Taught by Sonja Carey.
WhenTuesday Nights 7-9pm Starts April 25 – May 23.   All ages welcome.
Cost: $125  (space is limited)  Email Sonja.carey@gmail.com to register.


 To Register call 541-354-3015 or HERE to email Laurel unless otherwise listed.

All Classes and events listed take place at Laughing Tara Living Arts 
3015 Lower Mill Dr, Hood River, OR 97031

About Laurel Marie, 

The Visionary, Artist, Teacher, and Healer behind Laughing Tara

At the age of 20, Art saved my life.  While completing my sculpture degree, I met my first spiritual mentors and was introduced to the Tibetan Book of the Dead along side numerous world cultures that worshiped the Sacred Feminine and divine nature.  Through creating intensive works of sculptural art and study, I healed many parts of myself by making large mixed media Goddesses.  I aggressively pursued my art and education career working as a professional artist, project manager, college program coordinator, educator, and eventually studio owner with 6 employees.  18 years later,  I’ve made more art than I can count and developed and taught over 20 different art classes, in both colleges and craft schools around the country.  In compliment to all my teaching I have studied with numerous teachers in a variety of spiritual lineage practices and teachings including Reiki, Alpha and Theta Meditation for remote Healing, Tibetan and Zen Buddhist Meditation and Visualization techniques including Feeding Your Demons, a contemporary therapy approach based in CHOD, as well as Mayan Shamanism, Plant Medicine and most recently Ancient Chinese Stone medicine.  I continue to pursue deep involvement with my own journey, practice and learning; weaving much of these teachings into my own offerings.  During 2017,  I will be apprenticing with a Lakota Intuitive Healer while continuing my Tibetan Mother lineage education.

I love teaching and holding space, because connecting and creating is the doorway into “You”….the Universal “You”.  Creativity is the portal to connecting with the the sacred, where the images, shapes, textures, colors, materials become a language… answering questions you may not have even known you were asking.  Art is a language we have shared since the beginning of “Time”.  While showing up in circle is another aspect of how the doorway is opened.  Creating art and being in circle, creating ceremony is our original communion, meditation, conversation with the divine.  So….while I have spent the majority of my life working with a variety of materials, mastering many techniques, I have also spent this time opening the door, stepping through, and walking the way of the dream.  To be the hollow bone…this is a gift.
-Laurel Marie

Private Gatherings Options

The Classes listed below are from 2016.  Laurel will offer many of them again, as well as online, or can be adapted to be offered as a customized class or retreat for your group.  Feel free to take a look and let us know if you see something you’d like to experience in a customized gathering or class.

October 19th   

The Art of Self Love – Healing Art Class

From the Earth, We make Love.

What lies in the space that is the heart? What most treasured dreams, people, events, prayers do we hold?  If we were to create a vessel of earth to hold these most precious possessions….what would it look like?  Would it be wide, open, small, intimate, solid, or delicate, smooth or spiky….protective or welcoming?  These are all things to consider in this next class, where the meditation and the prayers will be found in the earth between our hands.  Supple, soft, warm, receptive…the earth moves with us and supports our unfolding discoveries.  Join us for this beautiful practice of creating our heart vessels made from the earth herself.  Wear clothes appropriate for getting muddy and bring your curiosity.

November 2nd

The Art of Self Love – Healing Art Class.

Dive Deep into the Heart Beat, for Dia de los muertos!

In spirit of Dia de los muertos, we will make offerings, remember teachings, and connect with loved ones and experiences from the past that have shaped us.  Touching these memories we will explore and expand the energy and power life experiences hold in our bodies.  In celebration of living Right Now! Embracing the gratitude for living this one Precious Life! We will be curious about how we move, release, express ourselves freely with color, shape, pattern….all made by your body in motion….in community.  In this class, even more control goes out the window. Come explore different beats, sound, music, color, the movement of the body in time and space, and what it shows us when we allow ourselves to move freely.  Expect to get painty and bring images of loved ones or meaningful items for the altar for “Day of the Dead!”  They’ll be dancing too.  (please do not bring ashes.  Thank you)

nov16-art-of-self-love-1November 16th   

The Art of Self Love – Healing Art Class

The Power of Giving and Gratitude

With Thanksgiving and the Holidays around the corner, we are faced with a deep mingled set of experiences.  While a time of great celebration, it is also one of the darkest times of the year.  So, with the intention of preparing the heart for this journey through the last 6 weeks of the year, we will explore how the act of giving is practice for grounding, expanding, and healing the heart.  Have you ever noticed when you’re really down, that if you just turn your energy the other direction and do something nice for someone else, the gloom in your own heart can clear? In this class prepare to open yourself to the power of Giving and Gratitude.  Then sink into the creative process, setting intention of love and gratitude with every brush stroke.  Now you tell me Art can’t save the world.  This class will include a holiday potluck, so bring something tasty to share.

Winter Solstice Retreat :  December 16 – Sunday the 18th, 2016

dec-16-w-solstice-1Dive into the Great Change!  The time where death prevails and Winter unfolds her darkness upon and within us. Embrace the light of the unborn seed hidden within your heart and being….the secrets of spring to come.  Release what once was, clear space for supple reflection, and dance with the great change that is upon you in this inner time.  What mystery and answers you unfold in these times of inquiry and reflection, will nurture and nourish what blooms in the Spring time to come!  Join me in a deliciously rich ritual of self-care and transformation this Winter Solstice!


Friday Night Opening Ceremony : 7-9pm

We will gather round the fire, feel the crisp chill of winter setting into our bodies while warmed by the presence of friends, spirits, and the heat of the flames of change.  Here we will bring our intentions to heal, transform, release, and accept the beauty in found in the great change called death.  Here we will be held; by the deep earth, the whispering trees, nested animals, and sleeping plants.  Here we will meet and greet our shadows by the light of the full moon, full hearts, and the fire-light.

Saturday Creative Journey 11-5pm

Meet Autumn, and Greet Death in her dance, whirling leaves, experiences, remembrances of the past.  Falling from the trees, shaping our lives.  The morning will be met with an intimate review of the year that’s past, the joys, sorrows, decisions, and un-folding.  We will spend time in circle and alone navigating our journey and drawing wisdom and light for our path ahead.  There will be several guided journeys and creative art projects to dive deeper into this time of discovery and reflection.  Light snacks will be provided.

Dinner Break on your own will take place from 5-7pm

Saturday Evening 5 Rhythms Dance Ritual : 7-9pm, Location to TBD

Join your community in a Ritual of Dancing in Solstice under the moon of the 5 Rhythms led by Sara Mains.  This event is independent of our retreat but an intrinsic part of our work.  Here we will be guided by the music through a personal journey of the inner world, unlocking hidden blocks, discovering secret celebrations and embracing our true and beautiful nature in our bodies.  You won’t want to miss this.

Sunday Closing Blessing Ceremony 11-3pm

Feel the light hitting your face as you slowly wake, stretch, and rise to meet a new day.  What light do you carry with you; after diving, dancing, and meeting yourself on the shadow side?  Through gentle movement we will feel, embrace, and show gratitude to the bodies we live in, the choices we have, and our ability to feel, heal, and create.  In the final hours of this sacred time, we will journey, make art and journal.  Then circle back to reflect upon and share our discoveries.  We will conclude with a Closing Blessing Ceremony.

Cost $250

Past Events

The Healing Power of Art and Spirit, an Educational Gathering for Healers and Medical Practitioners.  Thursday, October 20, 2016:  7 – 9 PM

oct-20-healers-guild-event-2016-1Artist, teacher, and healer Laurel Marie will share the power behind her artwork, the spiritual path, and the healing art classes and sessions she is offering.  With 18 years of experience as an artist and teacher, and both meditational and ceremonial training; she shares how the practice of mind body awareness, visualization meditation, journeying, mantra, and ritual coupled with healing art techniques, taps into the sub-conscious space where much of trauma is stored.  By blending these practices, she offers students and clients’ gentle and effective ways to build a practice of transforming trauma into health, clarity, and self love.

What shamans and healers have known for centuries regarding mental and physical disease being linked to emotional and spiritual imbalance and trauma, is finally being proven and realized in the western world.  Artists have not been far behind in their understanding and discovery of healing through the Journey of Art.

This gathering is facilitated by the Gorge Healer’s Guild in an effort to connect, educated, and stimulate dialog and collaboration amongst the community of healers and practitioners of the Gorge.

This event runs from 7-9 pm on Thursday, October 20th and is a potluck event.  FREE to attend.

Location: Glassometry Studios 3015 Lower Mill Dr.  Hood River, OR 97031

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