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Art of the Journey: Holiday Newsletter 2015


Prayer Flags



This Holiday Explore and Create

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday: December 18,19,20. Drop in any time between 11 and 5 pm
“Community Prayer Flag Workshop : Creating Gratitude”

Holidays are a time of remembering loved ones, being thankful, and sharing time with those closest to us.  This Holiday, create some gratitude with family and friends by making your own colorful prayer flags.  Individual blank cloth flags, paints, markers, sparkles and colorful cord will be provided.  What better way to connect, create, and send some love out into the world!?!  Inspiration and guidance provided as needed.  All Ages Welcome.  Feel free to bring snacks and drinks.  Please call if you are bringing a large group.  Suggested Donation $8-$10 per flag.

Please Note: We are no longer offering “Blow Your Own Glass”

Stemless Wine Glasses









Gratitude and the Giving of Glass

This holiday I’m excited to share many bright and colorful items I’ve made just for YOU.  I’ll be blowing glass for just a bit longer, then turning my furnace off.  Not sure when I’ll turn the furnace on again.  In the interest of our planet, my own creative carbon footprint, and the intention of my artwork….I am looking to reduce my impact, help sustain, and heal our planet.  I’m not sure what this will look like quite yet, but I’m open to new things.  I appreciate all support you may offer in my transition and hope you find something special in my gallery for the holiday season.  I’ll have prints, cards, and small versions of my sacred works available soon.  Have a beautiful Holiday and be in touch!  Click here to SHOP :)

Laurel Marie Hagner, Artist/Owner of Glassometry StudiosA Piece of Our Story

Art is a vehicle for self-discovery and transformation.  Our imaginations speak the language of the subconscious.  Creating art is a portal to the self and greater consciousness.  My newest works reflect this journey, tell the story of our forgotten myths, and offer the opportunity for others to connect personally with these archetypes.  Culturally, we’ve lost touch with our need for ceremony, ritual, and the Divine Feminine.  Sacred images, devotion, and creativity have the power to reconnect us to our deeper spiritual needs and heal our Culture.  I invite you to share the journey.
-Laurel Marie Hagner

Learn more about Laurel, her art, journey, or to join her mailing list click Here.  Share What Moves You!



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