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Welcome to the New, the Beautiful, the Sacred…Cast Glass Tara Sculpture by Laurel Marie Hagner

Laughing Tara Living Arts

What was once Laurel Marie Hagner’s glass and metal sculpture studio is now Laughing Tara Living Arts.  A whole new paradigm in creativity and healing.  With over 18 years working as a professional artist and teacher, Laurel has taken the last 3 years to uncover, heal, realize, study, and now reveal this new studio mission  in alignment with her heart. Her desire; Empower Community through Creativity and Healing.

Laughing Tara Living Arts offers a sacred space for creating, connecting, and healing community.  With enough space to hold a small circus, we have renovated the once production driven facility into an artistic experience.  Now housing a 900 sq foot classroom, an 1000 sq foot movement space, a 900 sq ft sacred art gallery and gift shop, small spaces for individual healers and artists, and an open studio floorplan of an additional 4000 sq ft for creating art, showing art, performance, community events….and more.

We encourage you to start your experience by checking out both Laurel’s Sacred Art as well as our Upcoming Classes for January 2017.  If you are a healer, teacher, or creative; and you would like to teach a class, share your gifts through the gallery, utilize healing or creativity space, or hold a gathering or event; please email or call us (541-354-3015) so we can discuss possibilities.  This endeavor will only be as powerful as the offerings made and shared by the community.

Thank you for your patience as we build a new site for our beloved Laughing Tara

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