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Joy is Your Birthright!

Welcome to Laughing Tara Living Arts, the healing home of Laurel Marie Sofia-Ravens.  If you are interested in workshops you can view the upcoming offerings on our workshops page or click HERE  to learn more and register.  Now for a little share.

JOY is your birthright.  Just like passion, love, and creativity.  These very emotions are signs of being in synch with our purpose and divine guidance.  For years I was willing to climb every mountain and overcome every obstacle in the name of success.  I followed this model straight into illness, depression, anxiety, and disfunctional relationships.

As I stepped back from pushing
and leaned into allowing….my world opened up. Both my inner and outer life has changed dramatically.  Now filled with clarity, joy, peace, and overall contentment.  My life is guided by love, passion, and a deeper sense of joy found in each moment.  I feel it in my bones and it feels like bliss.

I share this because this is at the crux of what I do.  And, it is what I am most passionate about.  For years I struggled with both emotional and physical pain.  I knew in my heart there was a way to transform this discomfort into peace, joy, and gratitude? And now I have. The rewards are immeasurable!

Check out these workshops below (both in person and online) and start changing things now.  And, if you are feeling ready to step into some powerful change,  you won’t want to miss my 6 month transformational program starting this Fall.   I look forward to seeing you soon.
Sending you love on your journey!


Love Your Life
Reclaiming Passion, Purpose, and Peace

Free WorkshopDates and Locations
Friday Sept 7th, 6:30-8:30pm Yoga Samadhi-White Salmon, WA.
Thursday Sept 20, 6:30-8:30pm Good Medicine Healing Arts – Hood River, OR
Monday Sept 17, 12:00-1pm Online
Friday Oct 5, 6:30-8:30pm Yoga Samadhi – White Salmon, WA.
Thursday Oct 18, 6:30-8:30pm Good Medicine Healing Arts – Hood River, OR
Friday October 19, 12:00-1pm

OnlineWorkshop Description
This workshop is for people who are tired of feeling stressed out or overwhelmed are ready to start re-writing their story. Students will discover the power of mindfulness, visualization, and creativity in this 2 hour workshop; designed specifically to start creating both brain based and heart based change immediately. You’ll learn how to leave your stress at the door, connect with your deepest inner knowing, and ultimately start living a life defined by your most important needs and desires.

This is a Free Workshop
Register HERE

Living a life of Alchemy

Hello, this is Laurel Marie.  Welcome to Laughing Tara Living Arts.  Please note that in 2018 we will be building a new website, but for the mean time, my newsletters are the best way to keep track of what I’m offering, so sign up here if you’d like.  Enjoy the Adventure!



This year, I decided to change things up and seek new ways of being.  The intention was not to plan but to ALLOW! This led me to numerous spiritual trainings, retreats and ultimately to Bhutan, Nepal and Thailand for 7 weeks this fall.  Here I’ll talk a little bit about these experiences and share some pictures from the adventures.

 The year began with accepting an invitation to travel to Tucson, AZ for both the International Gem Show and to attend a training with an 88th Generation Daoist Priest named Jeffry Yuen in the area of Ancient Chinese Stone Medicine for Spiritual Alchemy.   All I can say is that magic does exist and sometimes it shows up in the form of master teachers and I’m lucky enough to have several of them. I would attend another of Jeffry’s courses in Plant Medicine for Spiritual Alchemy, in Asheville NC.

 Some of you may ask….”What is Spiritual Alchemy?”  Well, it is the process of transforming oneself or another on a spiritual, energetic and cellular level, much like meditation changes brain wave lengths and eventually your overall state of calm, well-being, or ability to handle difficult situations.  Alchemy involves many processes but ultimately shifts ones’ energetic make up.  And as most of you know, I’ve been on my own journey of transformation, so this and all the work I have completed this year holds the same intention.

 The next piece of my adventure and trainings this year involved a 9-month mentorship with an amazing Intuitive healer named Shayne Case.   We would meet monthly, and bi-weekly with a group of 17, learning about energetic boundaries, the science of subtle energy, the medicinal uses of stone and plant essences, and how to channel spirit guides for others.  This is most fun!

 So the year rolled on and I attended several powerful retreats on the Mandala of the Sacred Feminine at Tara Mandala, my Sangha (Spiritual Community Home) in Colorado where I study with Lama Tsultrim Allione.  Here, in July, I tested and completed my certification in her specialized therapy technique of “Feeding Your Demons” after 2 years of intensive training and meditation.  The practice itself is rooted in the ancient Vajrayana meditative practice called “Chod”, created by our 9th century female Tibetan teacher named Machig Labdron.  The approach, then blends Gestalt and guided visualization meditation.  It is a powerful transformer of emotional trauma and illness.  In fall, I began offering one-on-one coaching sessions utilizing this and other techniques I have developed coupled with Art.

  I would then travel to Bhutan with Lama Tsultrim and over 50 people from 7 different countries on Pilgrimage.  We would visit numerous sacred sights, receive countless empowerments, and stay with our Sister Sangha in a remote monastic community in the NE part of the country.  I would then travel to Nepal for an additional month visiting friends, sacred sights and  spending 11 days trekking in the Himalayas, reaching Annapurna Base Camp at 14000ft.  Certainly another pilgrimage for sure.  The last stop was Thailand where we made efforts to connect with more remote villages and people who provided no shortage of touching company and kindness.  

Here you’ll see a few pictures from the trip.  

Climbing to Tiger’s Nest also known as Katsang in Bhutan.  Where Padmasambava was believed to meditate in this cave for several years.

The Statue of Machig Labdron located in Druk Zhangri Kamar, in NE Bhutan.   Here Women gather around the post ceremonial offering fire receiving blessings from the smoke.  And a temple wall ornately illustrates the immaculate 21 Tara’s as never seen before.

Trekking in the Annapurna Valley at 13,000ft.  These mountains stand at 25,000ft. 


This is Barcoda the elephant and his trainer.  They’ve been together for many years.

This is just a small glimpse of the amazing journey I was so fortunate to take.  I’ll be sharing more images and stories as the New Year unfolds.  I’ll also be coming out with  new offerings, so keep your ears and eyes peeled for what 2018 has in store.  

Many Blessings

Laurel Sherab Marie

Welcome to the New, the Beautiful, the Sacred…Cast Glass Tara Sculpture by Laurel Marie Hagner

Laughing Tara Living Arts

What was once Laurel Marie Hagner’s glass and metal sculpture studio is now Laughing Tara Living Arts.  A whole new paradigm in creativity and healing.  With over 18 years working as a professional artist and teacher, Laurel has taken the last 4 years to uncover, heal, realize, study, and now reveal her new mission  in alignment with her heart. Her desire; Empower Community through Creativity and Healing.

Laughing Tara Living Arts offers a sacred space for creating, connecting, and healing through classes, group events and one on one sessions.

Thank you for your patience as we build a new site for our beloved Laughing Tara

Art as the Journey, April Full Moon 2016

Our Lady of Guadalupe by Laurel Marie Hagner copyright 2016

Artist Laurel Marie Hagner finds transformation and purpose in the “Art of Living”.

“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy that is translated through you into action. And because there is only one you in all time, this expression is unique. If you block it, it will never exist through any other medium: the world will not have it. It is not your business to determine how good it is, nor how valuable, nor how it compares with other expressions. It is your business to keep it yours clearly and directly, to keep the channel open”.   -Martha Graham

I stand on a precipice no larger than my feet. The wind dances around me as I look across the sundrenched clouds below. I have brought my offerings. All are small but hugely symbolic of my gratitude for having lived.

The first is my heart. Beaming. Full. This is where I keep my closest family and friends, and later in life, where I learned to keep all living creatures. This is where space lies and the universe unfolds.

The second is a small leather pouch around my neck, holding a plain black stone. This is the gift of gravity, mother earth and the ground beneath my feet. She has taught me that there is no birth without death. This is the beauty of life.

The third is a fresh bundle of sage, lavender, cedar, and willow. For these are a few of the many gifts that heal, connect, and teach the ways of forgiveness and love. They have taught me how to slow down and listen.

The fourth is a luminous owl feather. Catching the wind, carrying the thoughts, creating something from nothing. This is the secret to the great mystery that lies within my heart, my imagination, and in the depths of our subconscious. This is the power that taught me how to dream, find courage, and to trust.

The fifth is a small flickering flame at my feet. A slice of father sun and the very light that enables things go grow. Without this spark, we’d be nothing. We’d be darkness. No color, no food, no life. Fire is a powerful element, holding huge gifts, requiring great respect. When tended wisely, it will heat, nurture, sustain, and manifest. Fire has been one of my most powerful teachers.

I make these offerings daily, because today could truly be my last. This is my process, my practice, my gratitude, my way of living. My artwork is one way I share my devotion and is my offering. These works tell the stories of our spiritual needs, myths, archetypes, and deities that have lived in our hearts for centuries.

I choose to show up in my most organic state. I am a conduit, an artist, teacher, lover, daughter, and friend. I create, feel things deeply, and am insatiably curious and excited by the magic of life. My artwork and life reflects this. My purpose is to inspire, be present, and allow life to flow through me. I can only hope I help others to feel, remember, and connect to their own spiritual goodness, guides, and story.

“In most indigenous cultures there is no word for “art” distinct from the acts of making beauty in the routines of daily life. In contemporary western culture, each of us can perform as “artists” in our most healing capacity by remaking ordinary time and space into extraordinary time and space through simple ritual and ceremony”

-Alfred Savinelli, “Plants of Power, Native American Ceremony and the Use of Sacred Plants” copyright 2002.

Kuan Yin by Laurel Marie Hagner copyright 2016

Kuan Yin by Laurel Marie Hagner copyright 2016

Needless to say, Glassometry Studios is changing. My focus is on creating sacred artwork, my studies and new healing offerings.   This includes Shamanic, Buddhist, and Therapeutic methods.   Upcoming workshops will focus on art and other methods of healing. In regards to commissions, I have recently completed 8 memorial artworks.   Working as a spiritual artist to capture the essence of someone for their loved ones, is a significant honor.   I have also completed a large cast glass sculpture of the Goddess of the White Salmon River for the White Mountain Druid Sanctuary in Trout Lake, WA.

At Glassometry Studios, we’ve recently renovated the gallery to showcase my new artworks.  One is “Autumn Wildfire”. She is cast glass and carved wood standing over 6 ft tall. She teaches most who meet her about the beauty found in the great change called Death. Another is “Spring Tara”, also known as Life, or even more traditionally as the Green Tara. She is the balance of masculine and the feminine necessary to creation. She is also cast glass and carved wood. Other sacred works are made in a variety of materials. I still have many beautiful blown glass items available, and actually on sale, while they last. Otherwise, my intention is to move toward being as sustainable as possible. The garden at Glassometry Studios will be transformed into a medicine garden. Upcoming classes and offerings will be for the purpose of connecting, creating, and healing the community through “Art”.

“Avatara” –Invocations of the Sacred Feminine

is a small collection of sacred illustrations and shrines to several of the worlds most prevalent female deities. Each holds their place in offering compassion, deep wisdom, and a source for inspiration for those who find solace in prayer, meditation, and devotion. These images have existed for thousands of years and exist and function in the arena of faith that science cannot measure. The power of image and inspiration lies deep within our cells and spiritual roots as human beings.   I am passionate about exploring, evoking, and sharing these sacred images and energies and I believe they are here to help heal us, and our planet..

Curious about how to purchase or see more of my work, feel free to email or call the studio.  541-354-3015 or curious@glassometry.com

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New Moon Newsletter, Jan 10, 2016












New Art for the New Year

Dear Friends, 

This winter brings fresh perspective.  Like the first months of crucial growth of a new child in the womb of the mother, unseen from the outside world, winter offers us a deeply nurturing time of contemplation, healing, and re-creation.  It is in these dark yet pristine months that we have the opportunity to set new intentions, create new birth in our lives, and nurture ourselves for the coming year.  In this vein, I reveal to you my first offerings of the year.  Below you will see images of many of my past artworks, now available as beautiful high quality cards.  Some have poetry or quotes I’ve written.  I’d love to see these images spread around the world; inspiring, nurturing, and empowering people.   If you like this idea, please consider collecting some of these first cards and sharing them.  I will soon offer prints and miniature versions of some of my more sacred works.  All proceeds from the sale of cards and prints goes toward my creating new sacred works and to making small versions available.  Thank you for all your support and interest.  It means the world to me. – Love Laurel Marie

Laurel Marie Hagner's Sacred Art Cards



























Share What Moves You!

Laurel Marie Hagner, Artist/Owner of Glassometry Studios

Laurel Marie Hagner, Artist/Owner of Glassometry Studios

Art as the Journey: “What its all about”
When we give our heart room to speak, it will share our deepest needs, dreams, and feelings.   Expressing ourselves in ways that are not limited by what we “think” is one of the greatest gifts.  Through art, creativity and listening to our inner selves, we can heal deep wounds.  And bring beautiful things into our lives.  This year I challenge you to SIT.  Let Go of the thoughts.   Ask your heart what it wants.  What it feels.  What it needs.  Sit, close your eyes, and listen for what it has to say.  Start a journal where your heart has space. Write, draw, sing at least once a week and record it.  I challenge you to use this time to create a vision of what you’d really like to bring into your life this year and believe in it!



New Moon Newsletter, November 11, 2015



Cast Glass Tara Scuplture






The Face of Infinite Compassion

After a year and a half of sculpting, making molds, loading glass, and firing, my glass Green Tara is now Alive. Inspired and revealed through my personal journey to the center of myself in search of fertile ground.  I set out to sculpt an altar to Spring. She has come to represent my offering in many deep ways.  From the harnessing of both the masculine and feminine within ourselves, to the purifying nature of allowing the emotional and subconscious realm to have a voice and a life.  This work tells many stories that are not mine alone, but are expressions of the way of the universe.  From Forrest to family, in magic and in matter.  We are all on the path, just choosing to dance to our own rhythms and rhymes.
Event:  “Fruit of the Dark Tree”  Artist Lecture and Showing
November 21st, 11-2pm at Glassometry Studios

During this time I will share how my latest sculptures were made, the spiritual journey and teachings found in their creation.  Feel free to bring drinks and snacks.  All ages are welcome.

Tara Revealed

Illustrating the deep, familiar, yet sometimes forgotten story of life, Tara illustrates the gentle nurturing time of new growth, infinite compassion in her active form, and the harnessing of the masculine and feminine necessary to bring new life into the world.  Creating this and other sacred works, have been my teachers on the path to personal and professional change.  I’m eager to share the concepts, the magic, the processes, and the myths these works contain.

I am most passionate about our connection with nature, each other, the universe, the mystery of the conscious and subconscious world and how art and ceremony play a role in healing our culture.  I’ve decided to make this work and the many aspects of study and training necessary to healing, teaching, and counciling, my full time priority.  While I have always taught art as a vehicle for self-discovery and transformation, I’m thrilled to bring this deeper work to those interested in exploring, uncovering, and healing themselves and the community.

This full color pate de verre/cast glass panel stands 4ft tall and is over 3 1/2″ thick.  An intricate wood altar will be made to hold her.  A prayer, story and mantra will be included on the opposite side of this glass panel, for reflection.  I plan to produce this and other sacred works on a smaller scale with the hope they may be of service to my community.

"The Angel" Mixed Media Glass and Metal Sculpture

“Gerry’s Angel” 

Father, teacher, artist, friend….

there really aren’t enough words to describe a parent who loved you unconditionally.

I created this Angel for my Dad.

I remember him sharing his secret to life.

”Find what you love to do…..then figure

out a way to make a living doing it”

I’ve learned more lessons than I can count,

following his advice. And return to it daily

with renewed faith, trust in a greater power, and gratitude for the groundwork of passion and dedication Gerry laid for me. Funny how we really aren’t meant to follow in the footsteps of our parents, but to strike out on a new path that will serve to carry their gifts and teachings to a new level through living.

May Gerry’s Angel serve to inspire, comfort, and move you on you own path.

Life is short!

Live it with passion, compassion, gratitude, love, and spiritual abandon!
Upon installing her in Hood River, near the hospital, my mom and I made offerings and wrote prayers in chalk around her base.  I invite all to share their prayers with her.
Thank you for everything Mom and Dad!

"The Angel" Mixed Media Glass and Metal Sculpture

About Laurel

Laurel has been sculpting and teaching for 17 years. Engaged in both Tibetan Buddhist practice and Shamanic training, she brings a deeply compassionate yet accessible approach to self healing and change through art and mindfulness. Laurel is most passionate about our connection with nature, each other, the universe, the mystery of the conscious and subconscious world and how art and ceremony play a role in healing our culture.  Look for her upcoming lectures, gatherings, and workshops.

Please Share What Moves You!



Newsletter 4, Full Moon, Art of the Journey, July 2, 2015



goddess, sculpture, glass, clay, casting, kiln-formed, Salmona

The Whispering Heart

Once the mind becomes quiet.  She speaks.

A year ago, I sought to stop the chaos of my mind.  Too many thoughts…..rolling in and out…..making demands.  I needed quiet and stillness to figure out what to do with my life.  I desperately needed to get below the din and allow my heart a chance to finally speak its truth.  I took to the woods, water, meditation, dance, prayer, and affirmation.  Slowly stilling the racing pulse of my mind.

Everything slowed, loosened its grip, and eventually the heart’s whisper started to reveal itself.  She was afraid, yet had so much love she wanted to share, it was almost uncontainable.  I listened.  Quietly we walked, wandered, sang, sat, and simply soaked up each moment as if it were our last.  She grew strong and her song became louder.  I learned to trust again.

Now, I sit with her and she holds me close.  Like a cord of light she runs through me and keeps on going deep into the universe.  She is here to stay.  This cord runs through us all.  We lose sight of her in the midst of the ideas we have about life.  You never know what magic may show up when you make space for your heart to have a voice.


Introducing Salmona 

The Goddess of the White Salmon River.  She encompasses the power and teaming life that thrives within all waters.  She echoes what is possible for us when we step into the deeper parts of ourselves. become grounded, and allow the evocation of our true voice to come forward.  Water is the element of the emotions, intuition, the realm where if we are lucky and open, we can dance, dream, laugh, love, explore, and be tender.  Many beautiful things thrive in these waters.

This is the completed clay measuring 4ft tall by 18in wide by 3in deep.  We have just completed the rubber mold and she is on her way to becoming a glass altar for the White Mountain Druid Sanctuary in Trout Lake, WA.  She will be available in a number of sizes and mediums.  Please share if she moves you.








The Secrets of the Blushing Lily   Blushing Lilies sm

This flower came to me on my walks. Standing 6ft tall, with a crown of sweet smelling heaven in lily form.  She became a teacher.  Balancing so tenderly above her wavering staff like stalk.  She shone bright and full above so many others.  I inquired about her nature, only to find out that when the lily is pollinated it “blushes” and turns pink. This brought me great joy and I couldn’t help but contemplate the change and beauty that occurs in natures’ constantly unfolding dance between the masculine and the feminine.All things are born from this dance.  Whether tug or pull, lead or follow, yin or yang, light or dark, earth or sky.  Balancing of these energies is where the most profound flow, serendipity, perfection, beauty, and power seem to come from.On my spirit quest to the southwest this spring, I returned from the desert with a desire to understand and embrace that which is masculine. I came to the understanding that the balancing of the feminine and masculine within myself would yield the peace, passion, and connectedness I had been seeking.  Through being aware and receptive to both, I have found strength, tenderness and beauty, I had not otherwise known.  Like the blushing lily, these moments are no doubt the nectar of life.I encourage you to observe how the masculine and feminine dance through your life.
Victoria Falls sm

Rainbow Challenge 

I have found myself in a place of holding space for others in their moments of need.  I have been honored to do this.  I challenge you in the coming weeks to be available to those around you in a way that is not always the norm.  I challenge you to simply listen.  Really hear them and let them know they are being heard.  Don’t try to fix anything.  Simply be with them.Now, while you are doing this, I also challenge you to imagine a brilliant rainbow of light emanating from your heart.  Let it encapsulate both of you.  If there is any darkness to what they are processing, visualize the darkness being struck by the light you are projecting and also turning into the rainbow light.  Consider visualizing a rainbow at least once a day and let me know how it feels.How this rainbow over Victoria Falls is formed is not so different from our ability to change our perspective or project love and healing into the world.  Its all light passing through the lens.  Transform what you see, feel, and think into light and love and we’ll all be more at peace for it.  Share and Like What Moves You!


Newsletter 3, New Moon, Art of the Journey, June 16, 2015


Banner 3-June 2015sm

Subconscious Speaks

The Secrets of Light found in the Dark

When we set out to express ourselves, our imagination has its own language.  It comes from a deeper place within. This is the same place we gain access to both the light and dark parts of ourselves.  It is my belief and practice, that through the art, the expression, the visualization, and the spiritual journey, we are able to heal ourselves and others in deep ways that sometimes seem inaccessible or untranslatable.

My seeking heart, mind, and spark has sought to find the light through art, nature, connection and my insatiable hunger for re-connection with the source.  It has been only through acceptance and integration of my darker parts, that I have begun to change my way of seeing the world.  The light is always present!

In this newsletter, I will share with you my story of manifesting magic, the low down on attending my first Kapala Training (ground breaking emotional/spiritual healing techniques rooted in Tibetan Buddhist practice), and a beautiful Heart Meditation you can do at home.  Thank you for your interest and please share as you like. 


MachigLabdron sm

Feeding Your Demons-Kapala I

“Feeding Your Demons” techniques for emotional and psychological healing were developed by Lama Tsultrim Allione, founder of Tara Mandala, over the last 20 years. The techniques are rooted in a spiritual practice developed by an eleventh-century female Buddhist teacher name Machig Labdron.  

In the Kapala Training we learned intense meditation/mind training developed to connect the individual with the “Nature of Mind”. And we practiced the  Feeding the Demons process. Here we worked with partners in guided visualizations, where we gave form to some of our more difficult emotions. Through the process, we were able to uncover what these parts of ourselves needed to feel integrated. Frequently, the journey resulted in the dark part or demon part of ourselves, transforming into an ally form, resulting in healing. The visualization process was aided by drawing and sculpting.  I will be working toward becoming a facilitator of this practice. This process connects the spiritual practice of finding refuge in the buddhist concepts of the nature of mind, acceptance, and compassion while applying ancient methods of slicing through the veils of the ego, so that we may find our light.  To learn more about Kapala training go here.  To learn about the “Feeding Your Demons” process go here.

Manifesting Magicfeathers

Recently, I decided I wanted to find a crow feather.  I went about my day.  Then at some point a little voice said “Its time to find your feather”.  So I started walking, looking, and listening.  First I came across a heart shaped ring of stones.  That seemed like a pretty good sign. Then I heard the crows.  So I followed them.  I listened to the voice that seemed to be guiding me and sure enough I found a beautiful crow feather.  But then this voice kept pushing me to walk farther.  So I did.  That was the day I found 11 crow feathers when I only set out to find one.  I finished my adventure off by asking a woman if she believed in magic.  When she said “Yes!”  I presented her with a feather only to find out it was her birthday.  If you look up what crow medicine is,  it will tell you “The crow is a reminder that Magic is always present”. Manifest your own Magic, and let me know how it presents itself!  Blessings on your journey!

heartstones smHeart Meditation

Draw something that looks like the heart shaped ring of stones pictured above.  Then put “Me” or “My Heart” or what ever pleases you as long as it refers to “you” in the center.  Then, in each stone surrounding you, name something or someone you love.  Decorate each stone in the ring with colorful patterns of your liking.  Really dress it up and have fun with it, like each piece is a jewel.  Think about the person, place, or thing as you are being creative.  Once you are done, put this in a place where you can sit back and take it in.Now, spend at least 30 seconds looking at each rock and focus on who or what this is and what they mean to you.  Take in their essence and energy into your heart.  And if its a person, feel the love you have for them and send it back out to them.  After you’ve gone around the ring, focus on the center stone which is yourself.  Now take all the love you generated for those other people and things and magnify it times 1000 and give it back to yourself.  Imagine the biggest, brightest star of love and light that you can, and let it come right in through your chest into your heart.  Hug yourself with this love and sit with it.  If this makes you cry, let it.  And hold yourself.  If it makes you laugh.  Laugh loudly.  Love yourself like you are your very best friend.       
-Laurel Marie Hagner

Newsletter 2, New Moon, Art as the Journey Volume 2, May 18, 2015


Newsletter2 Banner


Spring is in Full Swing!

And Inspiration is Abundant

Happy New Moon!  Spring has brought new endeavors blossoming left and right. In this update,  I’ll share my progress on an exciting new commission, my experience from a recent workshop in Mindful Therapy Techniques, and a little art exercise and nature inspiration for your own life and practice. Plus if you’re looking to spruce up your space with some colorful glass for the spring season, take advantage of my Spring Coupon code SPRING2015 for 15% off in my online gallery thru June 21st.

Sacred Art Commission

I have been commissioned by the White Mountain Druidic Sanctuary located in Trout Lake, WA, to create a cast glass relief panel of “Salmona”, the Goddess of the White Salmon River.    The panel depicts the thriving eco system that the river feeds.  See how many creatures you can find?  She is the nurturing and powerful force that enables this natural wildlife habitat.   This relief carved piece will be cast in glass at 4ft tall by 18” wide by 3.5” thick.  An altar will be built to hold her that will not only illuminate her with lighting, but also include a fountain “Spring” for people to make offerings. To learn more about this amazing sanctuary visit http://druidkirk.org/circle/TLA-circle.html




The Blossoming Path

Blossoming Path1I have chosen a new and unchartered path to explore.  I’m choosing to dance, connect, cry, dive, and fly when I can.  So in the spirit of not knowing where this path will lead, I am committed to: doing not just trying, accepting invitations to try new things, expressing gratitude as often as I remember, and being present as best I can with each moment as it rolls.  So, in an effort to follow my deep curiosity for how art can heal, I attended an Introductory training in Mindful Experiential Therapy Approaches at the M.E.T.A institute in Portland, OR. I can not put into words the value or the intensity of the experience.  The class explored mindfulness, opening up a whole new way of being present and available to others and myself.  The techniques were supported by intriguing brain science and are based in the intention of helping others to work toward changing re-occurring patterns in our lives through mindfulness and establishing new neuro-pathways. If you are curious learn more Here  I will also be attending a retreat which explores the use of Tibetan Tantra for healing through art.  I can’t wait to share more with all of you. 

Check out the “Water Art Meditation” Exercise I have below.


Compassionate Creativity Challenge:  Water

You’ll need a pad of paper, preferably unlined, colored pencils, markers, crayons (you name it), and a comfortable place to sit.  Sit quietly, close your eyes, and breathe deeply, relaxing all parts of your body until you are in a quiet and mindful place.  Now imagine water quietly lapping in the distance, the tide rolling gently on the sands, the babbling brook, the waterfall falling, the trickle of even the faucet.  Now imagine that water flowing through you, washing away all and any pain, discomfort, stress, sorrow, anything that isn’t serving you. Imagine it flowing through you like a river from your head all the way to your toes.  Simply rest in this place, still taking deep breaths.  
When you are ready, thank water for what she gives you and open your eyes.  Before you sits your pad of paper and pencils. Remaining mindful and gentle with yourself, write down as many words you can think of that describe water (i.e. flowing, clear, rushing, strong, powerful, gentle, nurturing,river).  Allow these words to flow from you freely.  Use what ever color of pencils you are drawn to while you are writing.  Let the words fall however they may on the page.  After you have written all these words, go back through each one and draw what each word feels like…in pattern, color, design, or shape.  Let your marks overlap the words and each other on the page.  Let your hand, arm, body, and marks flow like the water.  Be mindful of how water is as you express how water makes you feel and what she has to teach you.  Feel her in you as you express how she is on the page.  Once you have completed your artwork, turn the paper over and write a short paragraph or poem about what aspects of water you may wish to bring into your own way of being.  If it helps you, consider putting this artwork somewhere you can see it daily as a reminder to be gentle, yet strong, clear, yet exuberant, nurturing yet playful.  May we take care of water as she takes care of us.  Share this exercise with those you think might enjoy it.  And Happy Art Making.
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Newsletter 1, New Moon, Art as the Journey Volume 1, April 19, 2015


Art as the Journey

Laurel Marie Hagner’s new works reveal myth and mastery

After years of creating art for many environments, I have returned to my most personal, spiritual, and technical artwork.  I have 7 life-size mixed media figurative sculptures in-progress.  These works reflect our myths, archetypal stories, and  ideas of who we are and where we come from as spiritual beings.

I’ll be sharing my artistic journey, art exercises, inspirational stories, spiritual and artistic resources, as well as upcoming classes and workshops via my blog, Facebook, and bi-monthly emails.

Upcoming Class Series:  “Unleashing Your Inner Artist”. These classes will guide students in creating one’s own visual language, exploring numerous processes of expression, and how creating art can serve as a healing experience.


“Deep Devotion”

goddess, sculpture, glass, casting, kiln-formed, Jamaica

This is one of my cast glass sculptures that is still in progress. She is 120lb solid and stands 32″ tall. A seated belly dancer, soon to have her mudra forming hands in prayer, stretches toward the sky. She will also have beaded crystal and glass veils and sit on her own base. All of these pieces will become altars to different aspects of the Divine Feminine.

This is one of my cast glass sculptures that is still in progress.  She is 120lb solid and stands 32″ tall.  A seated belly dancer, soon to have her mudra forming hands in prayer, stretches toward the sky.  She will also have beaded crystal and glass veils and sit on her own base.  All of these pieces will become altars to different aspects of the Divine Feminine.







“Spring Tara”

goddess, sculpture, glass, clay, casting, kiln-formed, Tara

I began sculpting “Spring” …. “Green Tara” … “Mother Earth” in her most fertile time. This spring I unveil her and the deep layers of her story. Archetypal in nature, reflected across every culture, she is life. Much of her specific imagery comes from Tibetan Buddhism.




I began sculpting “Spring” …. “Green Tara” … “Mother Earth” in her most fertile time.  This spring I unveil her  and the deep layers of her story.  Archetypal in nature, reflected across every culture, she is life.  Much of her specific imagery comes from Tibetan Buddhism.


“Fall Wildfire”   

goddess, sculpture, glass, clay, casting, kiln-formed, tara






“Wildfire” began in 2013.   She measures 4 ft tall, 18 in wide and 4 inches thick and will be cast in glass and bronze.  She represents the transformation found in fall.  When all the leaves have peaked to their brilliant reds, oranges, and yellows….as if celebrating their year of birth and experience living.  Then they fall, die, and become one with the earth again.  In their passing they nourish the tree for the upcoming year and growth.   We are no different.  Our experiences throughout the year accumulate, we harvest, wind down, celebrate and contemplate the year as winter begins.  In the darkest coldest part of the year, we also embrace New Years, a time to reflect and decide what seeds we will plant for the upcoming year.  It is a time of renewal.  Here you’ll see an egg at the base next to her balancing foot, representing  new birth is always present. At the top corner you will see a spider and web.  This represents the weaving of time, an ancient symbol in many cultures.  Each moment, experience, and choice is like a thread woven into the tapestry of our lives.  The ring around her head that she is grasping is reminiscent of the harvesting basket and the halo found in sacred images across cultures including Mary, Jesus, Buddha, Tara, and many more.  This represents the higher consciousness found on the spiritual path.  Fire and air encircle her as she steps forward out of the past and into the present.  She is liberating her self through the similar process of the phoenix….where from the ashes new life is born.





“The Water”

water, chandelier, glass, metal, stainless steelwater, chandelier, glass, metal, stainless steel









“Like a star-scape in the galaxy, life is a river we are all traveling on.”
I must unabashedly admit, I have created a 25ft suspended glass stream that will be lit with fiber optics and glass lotuses.  I originally started this piece as a memorial for my father, but quickly realized its scale was something to recon with.  I had to follow through with my vision.  My hope is that this piece may find its home in a healing or medical center, or a place that focuses on water conservation.   I’m excited for the unveiling party later this summer!  


Laurel Marie Hagner

Laurel Marie Hagner the artist.



This is a big transition for me as an artist and business owner.  Thank you for the interest and support you have shown in the past.  I hope my new work will serve to offer even more  meaning and inspiration.  

Upcoming Classes and Events
This summer, I will return to teaching with exciting new classes built from the many ways I create, practice, evoke, and explore myself and the world around me.  My healing art practice and process is an indescribable gift.  I look forward to sharing it with you.   
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